DeckLink 8K Pro

Sorry for this is a amateur question but, in order to get the 4-4k synced outputs out of the decklink, what are my hardware options to use this decklink? I know it will work in a mac pro tower situation but, is there any way I could use this in a TB3 enclosure with a mac computer like a Sonnet?


  • It'll work in an external TB3 enclosure, but only at 30fps; there isn't enough bandwidth over Thunderbolt to transfer 4x 4K60 framebuffers.

    Up to 2x 2160p60 will work over TB3.

  • Ok I got the BMD deck link 8k Pro in a Sonnett TB3 enclosure and I downloaded the "Desktop Video Setup" software. What settings should I be at to get the 4 - 4k 30fps in the BMD desktop video and Millumin?

  • Hello @rosigalloway,

    Use the 4320p mode to output to 4 SDI at once. More info in this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • Ok I don't know what I am doing wrong but, I have a Mac Studio M2 Max and I have the BMD Deck Link 8k Pro via a Sonnett thunderbolt housing. In the Black Magic app I have set it to "SDI 1 to 4 in and out" and I on the 1st SDI default video resolution settings I have have set it to 4320 30. So, what else do I have to do in the BMD software and what exactly do you do in Millumin to get 4 4k's outputting frame synced out of each SDI because it's not working now. Thank you and I hope you can help and sorry for this long explanation.

  • Hello @rosigalloway,

    This is nothing more to do.

    You should check that your Decklink 8K Pro is working correctly in Blackmagic Media Express, then tell what exactly do not work in Millumin (black outputs ? not frame-sync ?).

    Best. Philippe

  • Ok so here are some images of how I have this set up with my Decklink 8k pro and my M2 studio via Sonnet thunderbolt pcie house for the decklink. I am just trying to do a 2160 30 quad synced 1920x1080 outputs to a atomos quad monitor and I am just using this monitor to view the quad signals at once. I have the outputs of Millumin set up with 1 wide canvas and then I trying to slice the 4 outputs so that it covers the wide canvas but as you can see all the outputs are the same image and I need them to be each part of the slices I made. Also I have it set up with the Blackmagic app correctly so it will output all 4 outs synced. If you could tell me what I am doing wrong that would be amazing and thank you for helping me.

  • Hello @rosigalloway,

    As far as I know, it is not possible to use the Decklink 8K Pro to split a 2160p signal into 4 x 1080p SDI. It only does 4320p into 4 x 2160p.

    But I may be wrong, be sure to contact Blackmagic support to get an official answer.

    On the other side, a true splitter such as the AJA HA5-4K (or equivalent) might be a simplier solution in your case. See this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • So I got it all to work except up to this point and for some reason it won't output full height out of each output and it also won't slice to an area of interest to like output 3 & 4 to make a super wide output. As you can see below the problem I am running into. Now I have 2 separate systems and it does it on both. Hopefully you can help!

  • Hello @rosigalloway,

    I think you are confused how to use the video-routing.

    From what I see in your capture, the video-routing is useless : it does not conect to any output !

    In brief :

    • use your canvas for your content only, and do not connect to an output
    • use the video-routing to choose how to send your content to your output : in your case choose to output to your Decklink 8K Pro in 4320p30 mode
    • then add your canvas to the video-routing and split it in 2 parts (one for the top of the Decklink, one for the bottom)

    More info and use cases in this article.

    Best. Philippe

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