Playing a background jingle with an image and change image


I would like to know is there a way to do the following.

I am setting up a live event the projector is displaying an image and when the presenter announces a guest an audio jingle should be heard and towards the end of this jingle I should switch the image on the screen. this should be repeated many times during the event, the jingle stays the same while the images change all the time.

A this moment I am using logic pro x in live loops to launch the jingle and at the right moment playing the column with the right image.

I am wondering if there is a way to do the same in Millumin.

(I was thinking to create different timeline with the two images and the audio, but since are more the 96 images is quick to do in this in way and since is a live event I need to able to launch the audio whenever I then at the right moment changing the image)

Thank you so kind.


  • Hello @vejas,

    If you do not change the column during the jingle, you can put the your audio file on the first column of Millumin, and assign an interaction to start it when you want (see this article). Does it make sense ?

    If it does not fit your needs, you may use Logic Pro as you do right now, but create an interaction to "send data" directly to Logic Pro : so from Millumin, you could both control your images and when you need to call your jingle.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe thank you for you answer and sorry but I am newly adopter to Millimun trying to use in production enviroment for some live events (I am coming from madmapper and resolume but for some project Millumin fits best)

    For now (the event was yesterday) I've solved the situation with logic pro and millumin, the latter controlled with a streamdeck and companion, the images fades in and out while the jingle is playing indipendently, and the first with a pad controller.

    But I am making some tests to manage to do everything inside millumin, so I think it could work this way, I've created two layer, one called projector and another sound, I've created the shortcuts on companion based on start media name, so when I launch the audio, which could be the jingle or background music, it plays and when I want to change to images during that I can alternate the images.

    The only "issues" (let's call it that way) start media name on companion works when the layers is selected and you have to set the property layer on media transition, I need the images to enter smoothly.

  • Thank you @vejas for the details.

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