Causes of image buffering

Hello, I am a user who uses Milumin 3 in Korea. The hardware uses the Mac Tower (McPro)

I am using 3 LED outputs connected to Barco's E2.

Milumin is using about 25 layers and Callum is using about 200 layers. I'm using 120GB of Hap Codec's

And I am using FX layers such as level, position, scale, etc. applied to the layer. Also, I am using a mask and a timeline.

But I don't know what the problem is, but Milumin stumbles seriously, turns off suddenly, or causes serious frame drops.

There are many reasons that I think of

1. I heard that if EDID or in/Output is not properly matched in E2, serious frame drops will occur. (1-1, 2-2) This is how it should be done.)

2. "SAVE CURRENT STATE" was used by applying FX (Layer EFFECT) to the layer. This way of working has used too many resources to strain the software. (Which is more resource-intensive, applying effect to source or layer?)

3. C type gender issue

4. Compatibility issue between E2 and Mac

I need your wisdom. Please give us your opinions.


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