User effects

Hello, I tried to import user effects with shift/command/G in Library / Millumin but when I open a project /Effects /+/User effects/open a file, I have nothing in my file, for example ISF effects.

Where am I doing a mistake ?

I'm running Millumin 4.16.a on M1 MBP under Monterey.

Here is a screenshot of my Library/Millumin file after import :

And here is the file when I open thru Millumin / Effects /+/User effects/open a file :




  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    You put the files in the wrong folder : /Library/Millumin/ (system folder) instead of /Users/perso/Library/Millumin/ (user folder).

    Please follow carefully the instructions in this article, and do not forget the "~" (it represents your user folder).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks, I hope I didn't put the mess in my computer by this wrong way.

    I erased them.

    All the best,


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