Advanced fade in/out feature request


I'm doing a lot event/corporate show with 2 canvas.

First one is usually the Background with specified custom resolution regarding the screen (wide overlapped beamer or LED with custon resulution).

Second one is a standart 16/9 to play movie. I do a second canvas in place of just adding a layer on the first canvas, so I can send the movie to DSM, streaming, .... without doing a custom crop.

When we launch a column, we can do a fade, but the column control both canvas. Wich mean that the movies should be on the good position in the show (I know that we can recall columns whatever the order, but the BG should be the good one and so, stucked with the movie) , and I think I loose a bit of versatility so. Would be great to choose BG independently from movie and recall them when we want (with fade effect).

Is it technically possible in a future update to have or :

  • Master column and column regarding canvas
  • Fade in/out in the video spec

thank's in advance for your feedback


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