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Hi Phillipe

I have a show where I need to use a 2 projectors and a Flat Screen Monitor (three HDMI outputs)

I understand the software is cable of supporting many screens.

I bought a Matrox triplehead2go - I have been having real problems getting it to work - for some reason, even though it lights up and powers from my macbook, it keeps cycling through - first recognised, then not, then recognised and then not...It's un-useable at the moment (its over a year old) - I don't know if there is a problem with the supplied cables or the unit itself or the fact it doesn't like a mix of old projector and flat screen TV.

ON your help page on the website you list recommended multi screen adaptors - but sadly some of those links are out of date. Also manufacturers have changed products, so it would be very useful if you could update the links to current products,

For example - this plugable product looks like it could do the job - but it's not listed on your recommended page links - so I am worried that I spend a lot of money and it won't be compatible - could you advise me?

Thank you


Plugable USB C Triple Display Docking Station with Laptop Charging, Thunderbolt 3 or USB C Dock Compatible with Specific Windows and Mac Systems


  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    The TripleHead2GO is almost a 10-years old device, and drivers provided by Matrox tends not to work properly on newer machines. Did you contact Matrox support about your issue ?

    Also, did you check this compatibility sheat (as we suggests in our article) ?

    About the Plugable dock you mentionned : this is very different than the TripleHead. Indeed, this dock only adds more ports to your computer, this is not a splitter (like the TripleHead). It is also based on on DisplayLink technology, which requires special drivers.

    We updated our article here, so the difference between these various devices can be better understood.

    Best. Philippe

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