Async Playback

I noticed that the playback gets sometimes async (audio and video) when using video coded with GOP like a H.264

It also jumps back to sync sometimes. Sometimes not.

It happened on OS 12, 13 and the latest versions of millumin. I have a M1 Max Macbook Pro. A very broad error for me.

I often use it for events and streams to play video but can't anymore because of this.

Anyone who has experienced that as well? What would be the alternative? does anyone know a good compressed ALL INTRA codec?

thanks Diem


  • ProRes. It's hardware-accelerated on M1 Pro/Max/Ultra and M2.

  • prores is nice but often too big

    other ways to get rid of the async playback?

    some way to fix it?

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    Why is ProRes filesize an issue for you? If your SSD is too small to fit your show onto, you can expand your storage using an M.2 NVME drive inside a TB3 caddy.

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