Triplehead2go. Use of only 2 outputs for millumin outputs and the other for background applications

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Hi everybody!
I'm currently testing Millumin with a TripleHead2Go and I was wondering how it was possible to use only 2 outputs for millumin outputs and the other for background applications, in my case capturing a window out of a Leap Motion visualization app through Syphon to put it in my millu composition.
I know it can sound a bit tricky but if we could, it would be amazing!
Thanks in advance!

By the way, if one of you manage to build something with Millumin and Leap Motion, let us know!



  • Hello @Kalagan,

    I think you wanna have Millumin's output on the 2 first ouputs, and have a "desktop" on the third output of your Matrox TripleHead : unfortenatly, it's not possible, as the TripleHead is recognize as only one wide screen.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : my company got a Leap Motion, so maybe some experiment will come, but nothing sure about this ...
  • Dear Philippe,

    Thanks for your very quick answer! It's more or less what I though, I only hoped you had any trick or solution ;-)
    As Millumin is creating a black background, that covers all the selected displays, isn't it possible to "hack" (in the "noble" way of talking) Millumin for creating a black background that would cover 2/3 of the total display, as well we could leave the third space for background applications.
    Of course, in this tricky use of Millumin, we would have a Millumin composition with a blank dead 1/3, but we can handle it.
    Or even creating an alpha canvas for the third of image we are talking about?
    Sorry for insisting, but we'd really like to find a solution for this ;-)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello @Kalagan,

    I think it's a very specific need. Could you please contact me on ? Thank you.
    I speak french by the way.

    Best. Philippe
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