Connect to Bluetooth compatible Arduino board.

Is it possible to connect Millumin to a Bluetooth enabled Arduino Board? I have tried to connect a Romeo BLE - (Control Board for Robot - Arduino Compatible) with Bluetooth 4.0. Nothing appears in the serial dropbox when I attempt to connect.


  • Hello @Lauschmann,

    Millumin supports Arduino Uno, Mega 2560, Mega 1280 and Mega ADK.

    The Romeo BLE has an Arduino Uno bootloader, so you should be able to program as it . Can you upload code with the Arduino application, then read some info in the serial monitor ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe,

    I can connect and read/send data when I connect Millumin via USB to the board but not through Bluetooth. I was hoping that when I successfully connected my Mac via bluetooth to the Board that a bluetooth option would appear in the serial dropbox as a choice. Should it appear? Is it possible to read/send data from Millumin wirelessly to a bluetooth enabled board like the Romeo BLE?


  • Hello @Lauschmann,

    We never tested via Bluetooth.

    Can you upload code on your Romeo BLE with the Arduino application (via Bluetooth), then read some info in the serial monitor ? This could give an hint about your setup.

    Best. Philippe

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