LED dispatched in the space - in between spaces

Hey Millumin Forum.

I would like to set up this output in Millumin, but I don't know how.

I have 12 LED screens dispatched in the space with this pattern. I would like to play a big image (like the white lines)and map the screens with empty interstices as if they were a window on this image.

For now I can use the surfaces in the output to map 1 by 1 the screens, but I can't place them in the way I would like.

Thanks a lot 🤗

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IMAGE 1- this is what I want but in Millumin (this is resolume)

IMAGE 2- the same view in the output (this is the display I have when I connect my system)


  • Hello @JUSTINE75,

    You can do so with a video-routing (see "Output" popup).

    Indeed, video-routing helps to separate your content (canvas) and how the content is projected (video-routing).

    Best. Philippe

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