Cues in Timeline

In Dashboard, there is an option to pull up a list of "Cues" that are specific to a column and time that you can recall jumping to different points of the media. This is useful for rehearsals when the client wants to jump around. However, you cannot "recall" a cue this way via Companion & Stream Deck. Only through interactions and setting up keyboard shortcuts. I have two machines that I need to trigger at once, which is why I need to run Companion over the Elgato software.

However, I do not see an option for this list of "Cues" in the Timeline. I will be working on the Timeline a lot for this particular project since there will be more than one piece of media and will have a lot of keyframes with position and opacity that might need to be altered during rehearsals.

I've been told I can set up segments in the TImeline and then drop those segments with the auto-follow feature into the columns and then trigger the specific column. Though that is a workaround, I don't see why I can't "jump to xx:xx" time within the Timeline. Yes, there are segments but I want to be able to jump to a segment with Companion & Stream Deck and then play the rest of the Timeline from that point without playback stopping after that segment has played.

Would love some feedback about workflow or if what I am asking for just simply isn't possible. Once again, I have to use Companion over Elgato because I need to trigger a Main and Backup machine with one button press.



  • Hello @jRojo,

    You can create a cue for the timeline : open your timeline, then press the "+" button in the monitor/cues to add such a cue.

    You can assign an interaction to recall this cue via MIDI, OSC, DMX, ... Press CMD+M to do so (more info in this tutorial).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you so much! I was confused because the "Cues" menu is only accessible through the "time" panel that pulls out on the Dashboard.

    Appreciate the response!

  • What is the OSC Command for recalling Cues in Millumin? I couldn't find it listed in the OSC documentation.

  • Thank you for leading me down the rabbit hole of OSC.

    I have programmed my own cue interactions and now have full functionality.

    After several fundamental misunderstandings, I now have a clue.

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