Video Routing Issue with LED Join

Hi All! Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue before. Its a bit long winded but please bear with me as i'm not 100% sure of the issue. I'm running version 4.12m on Big Sur 11.6.8

I am running a show with a 6048 x 672 canvas, which will come out of Millumin on a 3840x2160@60p output. I'm using video routing (many canvas to 1 output) and then making 2x slices. Slice one 3024 x 672 at position 0,0 and slice two at 3024 x 672 at position 0,672. When doing this the LED screen I am using will map those parts next to each other.

When this is done like that a black/grey 1 px line appears on the LED join section (See pic below)

However if i make the video mode 1 canvas to many outputs and duplicate the output with the offsets to get the same result there is no line....

I prefer to run the system as option one as that is more logical for the mapping etc, but I'm curious if I'm doing something wrong etc.

As a side note... Resolume does not display the grey line when it is set up the same way as many to 1 indicating that millumin might be doing something funny.

Any pointers/help is appreciated!



  • Hello @FrancisvanKuijk,

    Could you run the beta version and tell me if the problem persists ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi @Millumin

    Ok so what I have discovered in the Beta version 4.15.l The fix I did in version 4.12.m can't be done - it won't let me put 2x outputs on the same canvas... so in 1 canvas to many outputs it does this:

    However in Many canvas to 1 output so long as I have cropping turned off it won't put the line in.

    and with cropping on:

    let me know if you would like me to test anything else - I will be on site with it again on Wednesday NZDT.

    Thanks heaps!


  • Hello @FrancisvanKuijk,

    Thank you for the info. However, I do not understand : is it ok with beta in "many canvas to 1 output" mode ?

    About your workaround with the beta : it should be fixed with next update. I sent you an intermediate version via email.

    Best. Philippe

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