Slice and Map multiple Layouts from a single Canvas

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if there is a more efficient way to make my multi-projection video mapping...

I have 3 overlaped beamers displaying on a wide set with different modules on different distances, via 3 direct HDMI to SDI Output (No Datapath or anything like this). I don't need to softedge, I only need to slice, map and mask each beamer. Each beamers needs 2 or 3 mapped layers. But, I would like to work with only one main canvas !

So for now, I have created a main canvas with 3 layouts, where in Dashboard I can place and work my footage in only one Layer. Each layout of this Main Canvas display a NDI Output.

Then I have created 3 Canvas connected to my 3 beamers, and on Dashboard, in my 3 beamers Canvas, I put the NDI Inputs coming from the Main Canvas. I can then map, slice and mask these 3 canvas.

I think there is no way to slice, map and mask 3 layouts from a single Canvas, even with the videorouting option. But do you think there is a more efficient way than this quite heavy setup ?

Thanx !!


  • Hello @emericad,

    First of all, rather use Syphon instead of NDI, this would be more efficient as everything is local.

    From what I understand, you could :

    • create one main canvas for your content (no need to have a 3x1 layout, just 1x1 is sufficient)
    • create 3 "many canvases to one output" video-routing for each beamer
    • create your masks directly at the canvas level (click the "mapping" button on your main canvas settings)

    Best. Philippe

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