Atem track on timeline/dashboard

Hii I have an ATEM track on a timeline where I trigger cameras and it works perfectly. When I play the timeline in a column, the cameras don't switch, is it normal?


  • I changed the technique and use Atem OSC instead of Atem Track, it works with that solution. The OSC messages are correctly sent while I play the timeline in the dashboard, unlike the Atem Track.

    And for a reason I don't explain, the connection with my atem over network is more reliable with Atem OSC than your Atem Track, maybe these are small problems that will be solved in a future update.

  • Hello @rlalire,

    Could you try with the latest beta ? Does the problem persist ?

    Best. Philippe

    PS : in general, it is easier for us to manage bug report via email, as we can ask you sensitive informations about your setup, exchange files and use TeamViewer session.

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