OSC address issue

Hi !

I have a simple, but yet important question for me because I tried all the possibilities and I can't launch the specific column with Touch OSC. I tried other addresses like

  • /action/pauseAll

and it works perfectly. So I can interact with Millumin and touch osc.

If I want to launch the 10th column, I need to write /action/launchColumn 10, /action/launchColumn10 or /action/launchColumn/10, or /action/launchColumn [10] ?

Because nothing happens, the only thing is that if I write /action/launchColumn/10 it launches the column 1 ! Strange no ?


  • Hello @rlalire,

    I think you are confused between the OSC adresse and the OSC parameters. Most OSC softwares will distinguish them in their interface, especially TouchOSC.

    We explain this in much details in the introduction of the OSC documentation here. To easily understand this, I recommend you to use OSCTestApp.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hum… I don’t think I am confused, I want to create a simple button on touch osc to go to a specific column, so I add that message/address to the button : /action/launchColumn and add the name or the number but it doesn’t work.

    I found that action on the documentation (V4) but I can’t go to the specific column… if I try another action like

    • /action/pauseAll

    my button works perfectly !

  • Hello @rlalire,

    I just test the OSC API and everything is fine.

    Could you test with OSCTestApp ? What is the result ?

    Best. Philippe

  • edited October 2022

    Thank you Philippe

    Here it works (next column) :

    But I tried different way to write for the number of column (/action/launchColumn 10, /action/launchColumn10 or /action/launchColumn/10, or /action/launchColumn [10]) but I can't make it work!

  • Hello @rlalire,

    As stated in my previous messages : you are confused between OSC address and OSC arguments; I recommend you to use OSCTestApp to easily understand how OSC works (it is not a particular behavior of Millumin).

    Here are the settings in TouchOSC you need to make :

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you Philippe, it works... it was that simple!

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