Insert and delete media in Timeline

hi Philippe

Apologies if this is answered somewhere else, but I did a search and couldn't find anything

I am running quite a complex live show twice a month ( about 100 mins long) with a lot of video, audio effects on different audio outputs, MIDI commands, PNG's and Shaders.

Very often I need to change the show show by adding media in the body of the show or sometimes removing sections.

Is there a way to "insert" media, so that from the "in" point, everything after the new media is automatically moved along without losing any of the relative position of the different media elements, including moving the segment sections?

At present, I have to copy all the parts on every track (after the point I wish to insert) and drag them to a position later on that I guesstimate is long enough - then insert new media, then have to highlight everything afterwards and drag back to line up - and then have to change segment positions as well. Which is fiddly, takes time, sometimes I miss something and is basically a lot of hard work for something that seems like it should be simple to do

Then at times I need to remove a section and I would like to be able to mark an "in' and "out" point so that all media in between is deleted and the gap is automatically closed up still maintaining all relative positions

Thank you in advance



  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    You can embed a timeline inside another timeline : this way, you could move only one media in your timeline when you need to modify it.

    Best. Philippe

  • HI Philippe

    Merci, however I am not sure how that would work, could you briefly give me an example?

    Also, I am using a 4 channel Behringer interface, when the program boots it opens a dialogue window to choose whether to use internal speakers or interface. I Choose interface, but THEN when I connect projector, it over rides my choice and sound comes from projector. So I have to quit program and re launch to be able to now re select the audio interface - is there a way of selecting the interface from within the program globally once it has opened? To save me quitting and starting again-

    Many thanks


  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    Create a second timeline, and drag-and-drop it in the first timeline.

    About your second question : do you need to use audio-routing ? If not, simply select the default audio output from macOS System Preferences. Else, you need to connect all your audio interfaces before starting Millumin.

    Best. Philippe

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