On cue: move to next column, but AFTER a loop is complete

I'm sure this is an easy one, but I'm not having luck on google, or with the UFO tutorial.

I have a looping asset that plays as a timeline segment in column 1. I'd like my show to play an outro for that loop on my click. The outro only works after the final frame of the loop, so it needs to wait for the loop to complete.

In the asset's timeline, there are two segments (loop, outro) and both have "Wait Media" behaviors turned on. From my understanding, "Wait Media" is supposed to hear my cue, then wait until the media is done playing before advancing to the next column.

So, everything is running off of the one timeline. It's spread between column one and column two. Column one is "loop", column two is "outro". Still, no matter what I do, clicking through the dashboard takes my cues the moment I click—no waiting.

What am I missing?

Unfortunately, this is for work and I'm unable to share this project file.


  • Quick clarification: The timeline is NOT set as "synchronized", and the clip does not Wait if I hit the skip forward button (double-triangles) in the timeline panel.

    Is it possible that the feature is just broken in 4.12.|?

  • Hello @bkbkbk,

    I don't see your project, so it's hard to answer you.

    But your timeline may lack a "media rupture" between your 2 segments : indeed, if the media is continuous on the 2 segments, Millumin won't consider there is something to "wait" (and will go straight away to your outro).

    If you are in this case, you need to split your media (CMD+SHIFT+X) at the beginning of your second segment. Like that :

    If you can't split your media, a workaround is to put a transparent media on the whole first segment, so this will force Millumin to wait for this media. Like that :

    Of course, be sure to use a single media spread across several column in the dashboard. Like that :

    Best. Philippe

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