Hardware starting from scratch LED wall

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Hello. I am just starting my journey with LED and I'm about to jump into Millumin for graphics playback for the wall. (Unreal for other things, but Millumin for corporate)

I have a 2019 Mac Mini, but have switched over to PC for Unreal Engine so I am looking for the best hardware to drive Millumin on my LED wall. I'm willing to buy new to get the right system.

I will need to drive 2x Novastar MX40 Pro controllers with a typical resolution of 1848 x 5016.

I do need seamless, no tearing between the two displays.

EDIT to add. The MX40 has 12G SDI, HDMI, and Display Port.


  • Hello @ThomasKoch_Rpix,

    It depends how you connect : HDMI, SDI or DisplayPort. If you use only one DisplayPort, one cable from the computer to the Novastar controller should be enough. Just be sure to test that the resolution is supported by the computer.

    If you use several HDMI connector, a Datapath FX4 should be the right choice. Be sure to contact their support to be sure this resolution is supported.

    Best. Philippe

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