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hello. I have a question about the Blackmagic Design decklink 8k pro and the 2019 mac pro. I'm using a millumin 4 to output two 4k 60Hz to 12G SDI. However, the two outputs are out of sync. There was a post on the forum a while back that said that if you use 8k pro, you can choose the option to sync without Genlock. However, you won't find these options in Blackmagic Design's desktop setup. Where can I find this option? The frame does not match even when using the sync generator, so it is difficult.

  • 2019 mac pro
  • blackmagic design decklink 8k pro
  • blackmagic design sync generator
  • 2X 4k 60Hz - 2X 12G SDI
  • magnimage EC40


  • Hello @kim,

    The Decklink 8K Pro have a feature to genlock itself alone, but this is not available yet (this requires more testing).

    Also, output synchronization requires synchronization at different level : at Blackmagic level but also at Millumin's level. This is something we are working on.

    In the meantime, be sure to use latest beta version of Millumin that have a big optimization between Metal and the Decklink 8K Pro.

    Then, if you want to go futher :

    • put your Decklink in "8K mode" by setting the connector to "SDI 1 to 4 in or out"
    • create a video-routing in Millumin (see "Output" popup)
    • in this video-routing, output to the Decklink 8K Pro in 4320p60 mode (so it outputs to the whole device, the 4 SDI connectors at once)
    • add your canvases to this video-routing

    Best. Philippe

  • thank you.  philippe.

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