Millunode slideshow?


Is there some restriction with slideshow in Millunode?

I know there is no timeline options, but how about slideshow function?

I really need it in show, i have to play millumin project with slideshow of 500 pics thru millunode, because we have windows only machine in showroom.

Any help, please?



  • Hello @Ssami,

    Slideshow is not yet implemented in MilluNode.

    However, there is a trick you can try to play slideshow with MilluNode using OSC control and Chataigne (

    Put your slideshow content in your dashboard.

    On Chataigne create a loop sending OSC message “/millunode/action/launchNextColumn”.

    To do that :

    - Add an OSC Module (Modules panel -> + -> Protocol -> OSC).

    - Configure “OSC Output” it in Inspector (if MilluNode is running you can auto-detect it)

    - Then add a Sequence

    - Configure the sequence (activate “Loop” and set wanted duration)

    - In Sequence Editor click on “+” and add a “Trigger”

    - Double-click at the end of the timeline

    - In Inspector add a “Consequence” -> OSC -> Custom Message

    - In the address field enter : /millunode/action/launchNextColumn

    - Play your sequence. MilluNode should now play as a slideshow in auto mode, with sequence duration as interval.

    If you want transitions, add them directly in MilluNode project (on Millumin -> “Board” -> “Edit Multiple Columns…”)

    Also make sure that MilluNode allow control via OSC (check it in the Preferences panel).

    I hope it will help


  • Hi Elise!

    Thank you very much!

    That would propably help me a lot!

    I forgot to mention one important thing: i need slideshow pictures showing randomly.

    Randomizing pictures in slideshow is most important part of that art installation, with long fades between pictures.

    What kind of prosess it would be to make it randomized?

    In Millumin slideshow tool, there was direct random option.

    What would be command to send via OSC, if i want program to jump random column?



  • Hello @Ssami ,

    It is possible using a random signal in Chataigne.

    Add a new signal (“Modules->Generator -> Signal”). Configure it as random with correct ranges.

    Set your OSC address to /millunode/action/launchColumn and add an Int argument.

    Right-click on the default argument value and select “Control Mode->Reference”. Then select “Modules->Signal->Values->Value”.

    Feel free to explore this software. There are other ways to send random values to MilluNode, using the Animation control mode for example.



  • Thanks again Elise!

    I have one more simple question:

    How i can do same trick (with Chataigne) individually to multiple layers on Millunode?

    I have 8 layers in Millumin and every layer has its own slideshow, and i map those layers around stage.

    So i need to control those layers individually, not all at once.

    I really appreciate your help and i thank you for your time!


  • Hello @Ssami ,

    It is not possible to launch individual media using MilluNode OSC. The above trick to play the slideshow using Chataigne is only possible if there is only one layer.

    As slideshow are not available in MilluNode, this might not be the correct software for your show.



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