Toggle adjustment with BCF2000

Hello, I try to control actions with note on / note off buttons (mode T on) from BCF2000 and the behaviour isn't as I expect.

For example, I select a pause layer action and I want to have the play when the button is on and pause when it's off.

I tried different settings in the BCF, note on / note off from 0 to 127 because it was the last setting working with Isadora but also, control change 0 to 1 and calibrating that but it doesn't work even with different types none, switch, toggle.

When I select the pause button then clic on the button, it works if I double clic on type switch so I loose the interest of the red light button but if I calibrate the learn off and on it's not working anymore on each type.

What works : I tune on BCF a control change with mode T off like on a Korg nano control button and select the type switch but it's usefull to have the red light button feedback.

Where am I wrong ?




  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    Sorry, it is not possible this way, because the "pause" button behaves like a switch that needs to pass a threshold.

    In your case, you can bind your BCF2000 button to the speed of your media to get the desired behavior.

    Best. Philippe

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