Different Hardware behaviour for greedy Effect (Blur) activeted on Layer or on Media

Hello, It seems that a greedy effect like blur is lighter for the hardware if we add it on a media instead of a layer.

Is it true ?

Do some effects work with CPU and some with GPU like free frame effects or is it for another reason ?

We did some tests with light Macmini Intel computers and on layers added, the project was nearly freezing but not on the media added even if was not very dynamic either.



  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    No, running th effect at the media or layer level is the same, only the order changes. Of course, if your computer is slowing down, some operations may be rendered quicker than other that are slowed down.

    If you use are using a "20-pixel blur" effect on a 4K image, do not expect to get realtime performances. However, the default blur effect of Millumin has a good quality : you can use another blur effect from the "Blurs" subgroup, to get better mix between performances and quality if needed.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you for this clarification.

    only the order changes. Layer is before media effect ?

    Good good good.

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