Downgrade form Beta version


how can I downgrade form beta to latest stable?



  • hello @Millumin ,

    the link provided doesn't give any info concerning downgrading from a beta version. I re-installed the latest stable release but cannot open my project saved with the beta version.

    is there any way to do it ?

    thanks in advance

  • Hello @eMTv,

    The redirection of the link above was wrong, I fixed it.

    If you save your project with the beta version (4.17.a), you need to wait the next official update of Millumin (4.16.e) that will allow retrocompatibility between the project from official and beta version. This will come in the next weeks.

    In the meantime, you can stick with the beta version : there is not much changes in comparison with the official version.

    Best. Philippe

  • thanks.

    we'll keep the beta version then, indeed we didn't run into any trouble while working on it this week, so I guess it'll do the job for the show tonight and next week..

    next time I'll install the Beta on the side of the stable release ;)

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