New to Millumin - Recreating a workflow similar to Resolume Advanced Output?

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Dear community,

I'm new to this interesting software and i came from the Resolume world.

I'm trying to port over the workflow of what i do on Resolume and attempting to do the same in Millumin.

May i know, how do i achieve what i did on "Advanced Output" in Resolume Arena on Millumin?


I have a graphic, i wish to create multiple slices over it so that i can then adjust the positioning of these slices on the output. The slice is like a window to the content below.

Then on the output, i will then reposition the slices.

Content shown on the slice, i do not wish to scale them on the output transformation. It's a 1:1. I just wish to reposition it on the output transformation after creating the slice.

I was playing with the surface mapping in millumin, but the surfaces will scale and fit the content into the slice when i assign a layer to that, i do not wish to achieve this.

Thank you very much!


  • Hello @RANVIER,

    You can use a video-routing to do so : it helps you to separate content (canvas) and output (video-routing).

    See this project :

    Also, you may want to set the "workspace origin" to "bottom-left" in Preferences. Lastly, you can double-click the anchor (circles, rectangles in the workspaces) to edit the value with numbers.

    Let us know if you have some feedback, as we planned to improve video-routing feature.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : surface are for a very different purpose (videomapping on stage scenery)

  • Dear Philippe,

    thank you for your kind sharing of the example project file! It is really helpful for me to get a better understanding and to be able to visualise better.

    -- -- --

    I noticed that 2 canvases were created.

    One seems like the "overall composition view" in resolume ,which is called "canvas" in millumin.

    The other another canvas called, "preview output"

    1. Is this workflow, meant for the operator to compose the position of the slices and preview it using syphon?
    2. With this canvas, i notice i can assign a physical video display output, for me to push out this final visual out to the video surface in the real world, in this case, which is the LED surface. Is this how it should be?
    3. On the "preview output" canvas layer how do in assign this syphon to the layer?
    4. I have 3 sets of slices to push to 3x physical display. In the above, "LED A+B" will be assigned to 1 physical output. "LED C" will be assigned to 1 physical output. "LED D+E" (same design as LED A+B, but will be slicing on another section of the overall composition graphic) will be assigned to another physical output.
  • Hello @RANVIER,

    Ignore the "(preview output)" canvas : as stated, it was just for preview purpose. In real life, you directly select your output in the video-routing (and this canvas does not exit of course).

    If you have 3 outputs, create 3 video-routings (one per output).

    Conceptually, imagine that the content and how this content is technically outputted are completely separated, so

    Best. Philippe

  • Dear Philippe,

    I have since understand the workflow and have successfully route out the content to the multiple outputs.

    1. Please kindly allow us to press and hold middle mouse button to pan around the canvas. Currently i have to click and hold the graphic icon that in order to do that.
    2. Please kindly allow us to be able to drag and slide the slice not just from the middle point but from the entire length.
  • In version 3 you can click and hold down on the track pad and move canvas around with another finger, doesn't seem to do it in version 4

  • Hello @RANVIER,

    1. To pan around the canvas, you can use 2 fingers on the trackpad. If you use a mouse and depending on the model, you may need to maintain ALT to get an equivalent behavior with the middle mouse button. Does it work ? If not, please let us know the model of your mouse.
    2. Sorry, I did not understand : could you explain this please ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe!

    A small feature request with the video router is better snapping between slice to slice both at input & output mapping

    And also if its possible to define a slice size by pixels without using the corners (for example 600x400)

    Thank you.

  • I second @vjkatza request as inputting the exact pixel size of the slide is much much more accurate than using the mouse.

    Snapping is a very useful feature that we often use in other software.

  • @Millumin For point 2, the boundary line when we adjust the slicing, i can only move that line when my mouse is at the midpoint when the square gizmo is. As a result, i always have to reposition my viewpoint to see that square gizmo but then i will lose the view of other parts of the canvas in the slice editor.

  • Hello @RANVIER & @vjkatza,

    Such improvements are already planned for next beta version (4.15.j) that is coming soon.

    I'll write a message here when it's done.

    Best. Philippe

  • Amazing!

    Thank you Philippe

  • Hello @RANVIER & @vjkatza,

    We published the beta 4.15.j with a lot of improvements for video-routing :

    • edit video-routing and slice-editor with numbers
    • origin at bottom-left corner
    • better snapping
    • SVG import/export

    Best. Philippe

  • Just tested it, Thank you, it works great!!

  • Dear Philippe,

    1. To pan around the canvas, you can use 2 fingers on the trackpad. If you use a mouse and depending on the model, you may need to maintain ALT to get an equivalent behavior with the middle mouse button. Does it work ? If not, please let us know the model of your mouse.

    I'm using 4.16d and it's currently not possible for the above to work. I tried both Logitech M100r and GameMax M386. Holding onto the alt button on the keyboard while pressing onto the middle mouse button does not work.

  • Hello @RANVIER,

    You need a special mouse, such as the magic mouse, that allows you to pan in 2 dimensions.

    You cannot pan with a mouse wheel, because it has only one dimension.

    Best. Philippe

  • Dear Philippe,

    thank you for reply us directly here!

    It will certainly come in very useful, if we can simply use a normal mouse with middle scroll wheel that we can depress in as the middle button and hold on to it as we move the mouse around, on order to pan, like what we always do on Resolume.

    Thank you very much!

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