TouchOSC issues

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when I use touch osc to move positition xy,and scale at the same time, the controls don’t arrive simultaneously in millumin…

Using xy, then scale fader work, using both at the same time make one parameter freeze while the other moves… any idea ?

I also can t get thé parameter feedback to get my touch osc updated when I change Colomn or mouse move thé parameter though feedback is enabled and send feedback too… it works for scale but not for xy position

I use touch osc editor 1.8.9 on ipad pro 1st gen , on millumin 4.12k run on Mac OS 12.3.1 on M1 14 inches mbp


  • Hello @BenNid,

    I just checked the same config, except using an iPhone 12, and everything is fine : I can control the X/Y/scale and the same time (with 3 fingers) and the feedback is also working.

    First, could you check that you can execute this tutorial correctly ?

    Are you sure your iPad is not limited in terms of simultaneous interactions in TouchOSC ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi philippe thx a lot for your fb! I ll check that!

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