How to setup show using outputs, canvases, and surfaces?

Hi all, new to the software and trying to learn.

This is the storyboard for a show I am trying to setup. I setup a video routing using 1 canvas to many outputs and that works fine for the screens and stage portions. What I am trying to figure out how to do is map my Scenic LED elements. I would like to group Scenic 1-4 and 5-8 into their own 2560x1440 outputs. I seem to be able to do that using a many canvases to 1 output routing, adding my main canvas 4 times, and then adjusting my position to line them all up but I am wondering if there is an easier way to do that?

Is there anyway to map a surface to an output or is the surface only applied to a layer? I am looking for a feature like virtual screens which is available on other media servers but I can't seem to find something like that here.

Along those same lines is it possible to change scaling for an output without changing resolution? For example if I had to a 70" monitor next to a 42" monitor they both are doing 1080 but the pixel per inch is different and I need to scale one of these outputs so content flowing across both look natural. This is another feature I have used in other media servers that can't seem to find.

Also is there any way to zoom into the canvas and get a better view? For example I am using the slice editor and it is showing me the entire canvas. Would be nice to zoom into the area I am working on so I can see better.

Thanks in advance for your help


  • You could set up 2 canvas at 15835 x 1276 . The first canvas would be set to output Syphon . The second canvas could then pick up the syphon from the first and act as your "UV Map" and slice edits which could then be sent to the outputs. You'd have to pickup the first canvas output via a layer and send that to the second canvas. This wouldn't be an issue if you are triggering at a cell level as the second layer wouldn't be touched. If your triggering via columns then you could extend the syphon input across the second layer. For zooming in on the slice editor you'll find there are some icons in the bottom right which take care of this. Like C4D.

  • Thanks for the answer, i was looking for it

  • Hello @Jason017,

    We improved the video-routing in latest beta (that will become soon the new official version).

    Indeed, this is easier to punch numbers, snap, ... You can also enter a size constraint in pixels : this should ease your job at rescaling your content (so it looks natural). See this projet where I did it for scenic 1-4.

    Best. Philippe

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