Move project to another computer

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I think there is a problem with the showfile.

I used two MacPro.

Pc 1 Main server.

Pc 2 Backup server.

I copied Main server show file to backup server.

When I open the copied file on the backup server, it works, but when I save and turn off Millumin, some files are lost.

(Also I try to reload and replace. was not working) and i did collect.

But if I don't save it works fine.

I don't know why, is there a solution?


  • Hello @raykim,

    Be sure to follow these steps :

    • use the "collect file" feature on your main server (copy files)
    • copied the whole folder generated on your backup computer
    • disconnect the external drive (or the shared folder if you used network)
    • launch Millumin on your backup computer, then loads the copied project
    • now you can save your project

    Best. Philippe

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