Best multi SDI output for M1 Mac


I'm considering Millumin for live show (cine-concert with live text).

I'm looking for the best to output 3 different video feeds from a M1 MacBookAir. Some feeds would be displayed to the audience, others will be used for stage control and sync.

Can I just add up some Blackmagic UltraStudio HD Mini ? Will Millumin “see“ the different outputs (2 per device if I'm right) and allow me to route each video layer to a different physical output ?

Or is it better to get a Decklink and a thunderbolt Chassis ?

Thanks in advance for the help.



  • Hi,

    I've got an AJA HA5-4K and it's perfect to convert one HDMI 4K to 4 SDI fullHD. Millumin can separate each SDI output so it's easy to do what you want.


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