PJ Link Shutter closure at the end of a transition


When controlling the closure of a Panasonic VP's internal shutter, using a data track and PJ Link, closure and opening happen at the time the columns are launched, ie at the beginning of the transitions. I would like the closure to take place at the end of the transitions, ie after any fade to black.

I managed to do it in Millumin V4 by inserting a column before the one containing the shutter's closure command, and putting in that new column an Auto Go object found in the programs section. When the fade to black transition ends, the Auto Go launches automatically the Shutter closure column.

That works fine but is somewhat time consuming. I would like to have an option on the data track to send shutter closure commands at the transitions end, or better to have that option per column, or even better to have an ajustable wait time per column.




  • Hi,

    What kind of media do you use ? Only still pictures ?

    Usually with movies or timelines, I just select the "auto-follow" option and put the Open or Close Pjlink in the next column. Pretty simple.

  • Hello @GDD,

    We are thinking about closing/opening automatically the shutter : when there is no content in the canvas, the shutter is closed, as soon as there is content, it is open.

    What do you think ? Does your shutter open quickly enough (to show content as soon as there are some) ?

    Best. Philippe

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