integration OSC QUERY - Millumin To TouchDesigner

Is it possible to see the parameters available in OSC displayed directly in a Millumin data track?

let me explain :

I want to control some module parameters in TouchDesigner from an OSC track in Millumin4. The parameters available in TouchDesigner are made visible by OSC Query.

Like Chataigne, I would like to be able to see the OSC commands available directly, for example in the equivalent of the template commands.

It would be really efficient to integrate these OSC commands in a timeline.

I would be delighted if there is a twist that makes it easier to do!!! ;) Thank you very much for your replies.


  • Hello @SamuelEmQc,

    Millumin can be discovered via OSC Query, but it cannot discover OSC Query servers. Sorry.

    For now, we did not plan to add this feature, but you can create an idea on Uservoice, so we could keep track of this request and see if other users are interested.

    Best. Philippe

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