Computer getting really slow when working

Hello I’m posting a message here because I’m not sure to understand correctly all the ressources needs for live video.

I’m working on a show with two beamers, each one displaying a 1024X768 picture. They are connected to a Matrox Triplehead digital SE that is connected to my computer.

I’m working with a MacBook Pro 2015 with a 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3, a AMD Radeon R9 M370X GPU with two Go of VRAM, and a Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB.

I though that this was enough to work for a project with only two displays that are not 4K or even HD resolution.

But it’s getting really laggy when I start working with it. Like the computer is taking long time to perform simple actions like copy a layer, moving a column.

I’m having all the time the message « Your computer is slowing down… ».

It’s pretty hot in the theater I’m working right now so I bought a cooling tablet with 5 fans for the computer but it’s still laggy. I also cleaned the inside of the computer a few weeks ago.

I did everything in the optimize tab, I converted my video to HAP, reduce my picture size and everything.

I’m using a lot of feather mask, I know it can take a lot of ressource, isn’t there a way to render these effect before so it could be easier for the computer to read them ? I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m pretty new to millumin, I’m a sound guy.

For the same effect, would use a timeline instead of creating the effect in the dashboard help ?

Do you have any tips to optimize the project more that what the menu says ? I’ve read the millumin beginners tutorials before but I didn’t found anything.

I attached some screenshot of the system activity monitor, the component temperature.

Did I do something wrong ? Is my computer just not good enough to work on both display at the same time ?

Thank you In advance for everything and sorry for the inconvenience 



  • Hello @Pab,

    If you read the message "your computer is slowing down because the heat cannot be dissipated", it is because your CPU is slowing down not to reach a very high temperature (and melting).

    Please install the Hot application here, then tell use when the problem happens (and if it settles at some point, so you know what causes such a slow down) ? Also, did you have this problem before it becomes very hot in your theater ?

    Masks with feather can increase the charge of course, but it is optimized, so it is processed only once the media is changing (it is not processed at every frame, only at first frame of the media). I do not think the problem comes from masks.

    Of course, if you are using a lot of layers/movies at the same time, this may make work a lot your GPU, so it becomes hot. And such heat dissipation problems can happen, especially when summer is coming.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks for your quick answer,

    Actually I never work with millumin outside of this theater so I don't know if the problem could come from that. (I started working there a few days ago)

    I just installed the app this morning ,

    So I started working, run millumin and worked on a timeline, and like 15 minutes after I started the CPU start slowing down.

    The timeline I worked with was a succession of picture with some of them having an RGBA ajustement effect, these pictures have feather mask around them too.

    I attached the picture of the hot app when the problem happened.

  • It just did it again as soon as I started displaying a video on a beamer, this video just have a mask to hide a part of the projection. It doesn't have any other effects

    I already converted it to hap but it doesn't seem to help a lot.

    I don't really know what to do here, the cooling tablet is at max speed, do you that if I remove the panel under the mac it would help ?

    thank you very much

  • Hello @Pab,

    As stated by the Hot application, your computer cannot dissipate the heat and has to slow down. Note that Hot appplication displays the temperature measured by the CPU sensor, but I guess the heat is rather generated by your GPU in your case.

    If you can, send us a TeamViewer session so we could check this (hard to figure out your situation from screenshot).

    Best. Philippe

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