Mask proprieties control over time (keyframe/OSC)


I work on a show where I need to make my mask change as time goes, I got some pictures that need to be hidden or reveal at different timing.

As example there is a picture with a mom and her baby, a first we see both characters, and then we need to see only the baby.

My first guess was to use a mask to hide everything around the baby, and play with the opacity of the mask to make my effect. I start with the opacity of the mask at 0% and then go up to 100%.

But the problem is that I didn't found a way to bind this parameter to a keyframe or an OSC or MIDI message, so I can't automate it. I didn't found anything about mask in the OSC documentation and the parameter is not highlighted in the interaction menu.

Do you know a way yo do that ?

Thank you very much, your software is really cool to use :)

have a nice day



  • Hello @Pab,

    This is not possible to animate the mask's properties via keyframes.

    But you could use a matte "blending mode" to get a similar result. See this project :

    Best. Philippe

  • PabPab
    edited June 2022

    Hello @Millumin ,

    Thank you for the quick answer,

    I tried with the matte blending mode but I couldn't get the transition that I wanted between my two pictures,

    I joined you a project with the result that I wanted, I achieved it with a timeline, but there may be a simpler way to do it with matte blending mode.

    Is this specific effect doable with matte blending mode ?

    Thank you in advance


  • Hello @Pab,

    Like that :

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you very much for your answer, I understand now :)

    have a nice day


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