8 displays on same mac

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I'm wondering if there is a eGPU that supports 8 outputs at the same time? I know that the WX9100 supports 6 outputs, but I could use the last 2 as well. All projectors need to display 1920x1200 (16:10).

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  • hello when I need a lot of outputs in millumin I use EGPU with MIG-F4 Magnimage or Video Processor-LED-W4000 - Magnimage

    ambras accepts 1 4K display and divides it into 4 Display in various formats

  • If you need 8 1920x1200 destinations, you can send out 4 3840x1200 from the 9100/mac and then use a data path or video switcher to split each 3840 out into 2 1920 feeds.

  • I have a lowcost hackingtosh - I use Asus hd7970 matrix platinum gpu I Got 3 matrox dualhead 2 og

    that i use in the 3 dp port = 6 x 1920x1080

    the last to is dirrect from dvi ports

    total 8x1920x1080

    guess same cloud be done on egpu ( not m1 machines)

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