Magicq and Millumin on same Mac with timecode sync

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to have on same Mac mini Chamsys Magicq (lighting software) and Millumin with a timecode sync between them (just to trigger at the same time the show) with the timecode itself generated from same machine?




  • Hello @albertospad,

    Millumin can be driven by a timecode (specific media or a whole timeline). See this tutorial.

    If Magicq supports timecodes as well, this will work.

    Best. Philippe

  • hello Philippe!

    as always thanks for your reply.

    Has the timecode to come from a fisical audio input or can it be listened by millumin from a track played the same computer?

  • Hello @albertospad,

    It can be listen from a track played by the same computer. Routing audio from the player to Millumin may be useful, such as Loopback or Blackhole.

    Best. Philippe

  • I was thinking

    Is it possible to play the show music through the in built audio output of the mac and have an other layer playing the timecode track outputting onto an external usb audiocard?

    that would allow me to output timecode in sync with millumin medias and make MagicQ listen to it..

  • Hello @albertospad,

    Yes, you can use "audio routing" (see properties of your media, or press CMD+U).

    Best. Philippe

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