Upgrade to M1 Mini or Add an eGPU to Intel Mini

We have an Intel Mac Mini (i7). Is it better to get an eGPU for it, or add an M1 mini? (We are a church using this for multi platform service).

Desired end result:

  • Output to two surfaces, surface 1 is Wirecast, surface 2 is a TV.
  • Surface 1: Display images, video capture card/webcam, and video files (not typically webcam and video file at same time).
  • Surface: Images and video files. Displaying an image when surface 1 has the live video feed.

With Zoom, Wirecast (may switch to OBS), and Millumin with 3 HDMI monitors connected we hit 85% cpu a lot, making the other apps not fully responsive.

So, are we better off getting an eGPU or adding an M1 mini? The cost is fairly similar. We are not yet using NDI but I believe we could run NDI or HDMI to a capture card between Minis. Any other solutions?


  • Hello @witeshadow,

    You have only 2 native outputs with the Mac Mini M1, so only one if you need a monitor for your desktop (see this article). I guess this does not fit your needs.

    Of course, you could use a Datapath FX4 (or equivalent) to split a 4K output into 4 x 1080p outputs but this is not the same price.

    Best. Philippe

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