Surface output dropping out for some images

I'm running millumin on a MacBook Pro 13 inch with one surface. I output through a HDMI cable that goes into a SDI converter, which is connected to another SDI converter that plugs into the tv.

Most things run fine with no issues, I can view images, and video slides. But some jpeg slides the output drops out all together and the tv goes into input searching mode, if I go back to a working slide vision comes back or if I close millumin then the tv finds the input and shows the desktop of my second desktop. Note that the slides present correctly in the surface simulator, they just cause millumin to stop outputting correctly.

I couldn't find any threads related to this issue. Let me know if there's any other details I can provide.


  • Hello @linusk,

    Millumin does not manage the outputs : macOS and the hardware are doing so (especially through System Preferences / Displays).

    When the problem happens : does your output still appear in macOS System Preferences / Displays ? Did you test without the SDI converter (they may be loosing the signal when a particular color is displayed) ?

    Best. Philippe

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