Hi Phillipe

First of all, thank you for always replying so quickly to questions. It really shows a big commitment to your users.

I am trialling the software for a 2 hour show I do that has around 20+ full video clips, plus sound effects and MIDI CC commands to changing DMX scenes in synch.

The media clips are spread on one layer each so I keep track of them, this does make a large work area that can't all be seen at once.

So far I have used segments to identify where the show will stop during the performance, so I can talk to the audience. However, there are sections where I have 3 or 4 videos playing one after the other ( so technically ONE segment). I don't want them to stop after each has played, but I DO want to be able to identify the individual media clips in the segment timeline ( in case I make a mistake and we have to restart at a specific media point without having to drag the cursor along to find it). In Timeline mode, this doesn't seem to be an option.

When I switch to Dashboard mode, I can see there is an auto follow option between segments. But if I swap between Timeline ( which is preferable to be able to see the flow of the show) and Dashboard, they are not continuous. Leaving Timeline for Dashboard re starts the show as far as I can see.

I am new, so still discovering things, but is there an auto follow option in Timeline for segments? Or, if not, is there an option to lock the show running so that you can swap between Timeline and Dashboard multiple times without the continuity of the performance being affected? Both these options would make my life so much easier in a live situation where we have to be responsive to any challenges in the moment.




  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    Millumin is not designed to switch live between the timeline and the dashboard : you have to choose between running your show from a single timeline, or from the dashboard. In most case, it is better to use the dashboard as it is designed to sequence cues.

    From what I understand, you could create your whole show from the dashboard (and without any timeline) : simply put your media one after the other, and use the "auto-follow" loop-mode for each media so they play automatically one after the other. This way, you would be able to restart a specific column if you make a mistake.

    By the way, if you are beginning with Millumin, be sure to read our first tutorials here.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Phillipe

    I want to embed midi commands to change lighting scenes, plus have media overlapping - I wasn't sure how to do that in Dashboard - but it works in timeline

    All the best


  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    In the dashboard, you can use a data-track to send MIDI commands, see this tutorial.

    You can also overlap media, by using several media and extending these media over several columns.

    Best. Philippe

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