Hi Phillipe

I am constructing an intricate show with many layers overlapping and everything timed to the second. I want to lock each layer ( using the padlock symbol?) so that once everything is in place it can't be moved - with this many media files, it's easy to accidentally drag something out of place and not notice.

I can't seem to work out how to do this - is it possible? and if not, can it be something implemented - like in all video editing software - locking tracks in place is critical to protecting the project from unintended changes.

I have also ordered a Matrox triple head to go - as advised on your video page - https://help.millumin.com/?page=21_lab_hardware/multi-display_adapter _ although the page says HOW to use multiple displays - I cant find where you actually change a media's output to reflect a different screen - where and how do you do that?

I need to run this one project but have video going to 3 different screens at different times during the show

All the best



  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    When you lock a layer (via the lock icon), it prevents the user from selecting it in the workpace or changing its properties. But you can still rearrange the layer in the layer stack.

    We did not plan to change this behavior, as nobody complained about that. However, feel free to create an idea on Uservoice to explain you use case, so we could keep track of this request and see if other users are interested.

    Regarding the TripleHead : Millumin will automatically detects that your resolution is 3x1280x720 for example, and offers you to output to the whole (3840x720) or to a specific third (1280x720).

    Best. Philippe

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