best usb capture device for m1 max

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I need to capture one 1080p camera signal for show (with 4 FHD output, millumin v4).

I tested with my old reliable ultrastudio mini recorder, But it seems not working with m1 max .

so now I have to buy similar device using USB

(I'm using two thunderbolt 3 docks for multiple output, so I think USB type is better for bandwidth-side) .

I'm considering magewell usb capture hdmi gen2 (32011 or 32060) or Aver Media BU113.

Is Millumin compatible with those devices in m1 max with mac os monterey?

or any other suggestion small device for touring setup?


  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    Blackmagic does not support he UltraStudio Mini Monitor on Apple M1 computer. They only supports the UltraStudio Monitor 3G : we tested it, and it works nicely.

    We did not test the Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2 specifically, but it should work on Apple M1 computer (as it supports native AVCaptureSession API). Be sure to ask Magewell support to confirm this : just ask them if their devive works correctly with Quicktime on a M1 Max computer.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe!

  • After using those two devices, both worked well.

    (M1 MAX, mac os monterey 12.3.1)

    But magewell one was too hot when connected. Even I attached heat sink, Still too hot.

    (work great even when hot, but I always concerned about temperature)

    AVerMedia BU113 worked well. too, and there was more options to change setup using their own app. it made by plastic so very light and portable. and it's not that hot. So I used avermedia one as main device.

  • Thank you for these infos.

  • Hi ! Philippe,

    Do you know if the Elgato HD60 S+is working on mac M1 pro and Millumin V4 ?



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