Millumin won't connect to DecklinkDuo

On an Intel Macbook Pro with a Decklink Duo card in a thunderbolt chassis, VideoDesktop sees the right card, and the Millumin Output settings see the Decklink outputs, but in the 2nd section of the dropdown along with Syphon and NDI. Is that correct? And if I try and select a DL output, Millumin freezes and I get the 'beachball of death'.

Should I do something else in setup. Also, does the demo version and/or the rental version of Millumin 4 include the BlackMagic hardware drivers?


  • Hello @VideoE,

    What is the version of your Blackmagic Video Desktop drivers ? 12.2 ?

    For info, Millumin's trial does not have any limitation. After the trial period, there is a waterwark on the output, but the features remain the same.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Phillipe. For the computer to see the card through DesktopVideo, I had to roll drivers back to 11.3. With the 12.3 drivers, the computer wouldn't see the card at all. My personal experiences with the Duo card are on a PC with VMix; no problems. But I have had to roll back the software drivers on both PC's and Mac's for years with my Ultra Studio Express box (via TB2), so on this job with MBPro's that I'm not familiar with, I didn't see the DLDuo card w/12.3;11.6 or 11.5 versions. Is that weird?

    BTW, I use other peoples computers with Millumin on shows, not owning a personal copy myself. That said, I am impressed with your software and especially impressed with your personal involvement in supporting the app. I just wish Grant Petty over at Blackmagic would take a cue from you! I'll try 12.2 and see what happens.

  • Hello @VideoE,

    The version 12.3 supports DeckLink Duo and DeckLink Duo 2 devices, so yes, this is weird. However, I am not sure how it behaves with a chassis through Thunderbolt 2 (the norm has rather been Thunderbolt 3 for a few years now).

    Does the Decklink Duo work correctly with Blackmagic Media Express (I mean can you output) ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Attached is what I see with Desktop Video 11.3 and Millumin 4. Is there any reason why this doesn't work? (At this point cannot update BM drivers to 12.2.)

  • Hello @VideoE,

    This looks fine in Millumin.

    Does the Decklink Duo work correctly with Blackmagic Media Express (I mean, can you output) ?

    Best. Philippe

  • At this point in the show, I cannot check anymore. I think I confused you, we are using thunderbolt 3 for this chassis, I was referring to a much earlier experience with Blackmagic products. I never thought to check with Media Express, silly me, but at this point the powers that be say I have to let all this go...

    However, I thank you so much for your help, you're a star!

    Eric Lagerlof

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