Changing OSC Interface / Choosing network adapter


i am working on a installation where it is needed to have two network interfaces:

01: Dante Sound and OSC sensors. On my internal interface.

02: NDI & Artnet network to the light setup. External interface

Both are in seperate physical networks. unfortunatly i am not able to adjust this as the Artnet network is quite complex and the light designers want to keep it as closed as possible.

Everything is working great. Only Millumin is always choosing network 2 as the OSC Network. Is there a way to switch to network 1?

I see the OSC Commands comming in in the log, but not when i try to attach them to interactions.

I read here that the order of service in the osx settings is relevant:

Changing the order of service is not working.

As i am at the construction site of the exhibition and need to finish the installation in 10 days, so it is quite urgent to find a solution.

What can i do?

Many thanks! And big thumbs up for a great piece of software!



  • Hello @TMS_Dirk,

    There is no setting to receive OSC from a specific network. Millumin uses the default setting of macOS, defined by order of service. You can change this order from macOS System Preferences, see this thread (there are also commands to check the routing).

    You can however change the network for Artnet from Millumin's device-panel (CMD+K). This may be useful in your case.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Phillipe,

    I am back on this project after a month break. When I change the order of service nothing is changing. it always takes my external network device as a OSC interface. I will swap the cables and see if it makes any difference. thanks a lot

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