Light and video show with Avolites

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Hey guys!

I'm a lighting designer, and I have my first show with video integration on Monday. A friend recommended me Millumin, which I got used to pretty quickly.

I'm working with an Avolites Quartz and a MacBook Pro M1 max.

I followed the tutorials, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for:

Basically, most of the show I'd like to have some visuals on the LED screen, which I did easily. But at some points in the show, I'd like to use the screen as a Strobe or a Blinder, and control it with the Avo. Or fire some effects, like invert, via the avo

How could I do so?

Thanks a lot in advance!



  • Hello @louischs,

    To avoid a conflict with DMX signals between Millumin and Avolites Quartz, you can simply create a board for your scene with DMX-layers controlling the LED and one board without any DMX-layer when Avolites Quartz is takeing the lead.

    Another solution if you want one board in Millumin, you can disable the DMX-layers by settings their opacity to 0%. You can do so by animating the property "opacity" along the columns of your board (see this tutorial).

    Best. Philippe

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