Live ableton and millumin


I would synchronize sounds wich come from live ableton with vidéo in millumin (activate some layer or effect with a frequence for example). Is it possible ? there is any any tuto ?



  • Hello @bule,

    You can use audio interactions to do so : press CMD+M to open the interaction-panel then click the "+" button to add such an interaction.

    Best. Philippe

  • Ok, thank you. With this command I can receive the sound by microphone but I would like to receive it by the system. Does I need to install a plugin ?

    Best. Bule

  • Hello @bule,

    You would need a virtual audio input/output such as Loopback, Soundflower or Blackhole to send the audio from Ableton Live to Millumin.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks a lot !

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