Framerate Conversion/ Frame Blending/ Smooth Playback


is there any Option for smooth Playback of Clips, that doesn't match the Display Framerate? e.g 60Hz Clip on 50Hz Screen without Framedrops? Maybe some effect like Frameblending or some clip effect?

Does the Optimize function make a framerate interpolation maybe, when it coberts clips to hap in V4?

Thanks and best regards.


  • Hello @Vlad,

    First of all, such a converstion, from 60hz to 50hz, will never be perfect. I mean most of the frames of the converted movie would not be original ones, but re-created images (with a risk a quality decline).

    Also, such a process may be not achievable in realtime. That's why I would rather advise you to look for an non-realtime solution such as Twixtor. This tutorial may be old but explains in details the problems when converting a movie to a new framerate.

    There is another way that is called "frame blending", but the results are most of the time poor (this is just mixing the opacity of 2 frames or so). This video shows it better than words.

    Of course, technology is evolving fast in this area and we're always looking for new solutions. But so far, the results are not satisfying in realtime.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Phillipe, thank you for the quick answer. I achieve good results for frame interpolation with Media Encoder, Premiere Pro or Aftereffects, of course without counting Frames in the forefround of the playback :) Just thought about a quick and dirty / last minute solution without the loss of time due to rerendering. Its implemented satisfying by other Systems, even if not perfect. Still am a happy Millumin User, thanks for the V4! best, Vlad

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