Synchronized transition - with loop ?


I have a clip with a LOOP intro, and a second part.

I want the intro to loop a certain time, then when I launch the second part I want it to be synchronized : the intro finishes and then start the second part.

BUT when I address the loop segment as synchronized, the loop doesn't loop. I goes directly to the second part.

Here's some screen captures:

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Thank you.


  • Hello @domhawry,

    You may use "asynchronous" timeline. Please note that it is important to extend your timeline across several columns of your dashboard, so it is the same media and the play-mode defined in the timeline can be used (do not use "custom segment").

    More info in this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi,

    thanks for your quick respond... That's what I did... however whatever I do, the first part is never looping. It always continue the clip to the second part and then the second part is looping. It's doing this in the dashboard AND in the timeline.

    Here's also a simplify project file

    Thank you

  • Hello @domhawry,

    A classic "synchronous" timeline and an "asynchronous" timeline will have a very different behavior : indeed, the first one behaves quite the same with softwares such as Premiere or Final Cut. But the second one will guess when to restart the media, and when not.

    For exemple, if the media will be played in "free wheel" so even if your segment is shorter than the movie, Millumin will still play the media from start to end.

    Also, if the media is continuous from one segment to the other, Millumin will assume that media does not need to be restarted when going one segment or the other.

    From what I understand, you have in fact 2 movies : one for the first loop, one for the second loop. So you need to split your original movie

    Best. Philippe

  • Ok i understand.

    I had to split my media.

    Thank you.

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