Caustics ?

Hi, I'm confused, didn't we have a caustics shader in Millumin before ?

Can't find a caustics ISF ? Any idea ?



  • Hi, a second related question :

    I've found this ISF shader, an underWater volumetric lights, it works ok on, but when I try to use it in Millumin nothing happens. And there's no error message. I don't understand.


  • Hello @hyll,

    This is normal : there is a mistake in the code.

    Indeed, the variable "Caustic" is never initialized. So maybe it works with WebGL (in your browser I mean, because it is more permissive) but the behavior may be erratic in general, with OpenGL for example (in an application I mean).

    In brief, rewrite the code as follow : float Caustic = 0.;

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks a lot Philippe !

    And by the way, I found out where was the caustics shader I was thinking about : in Madmapper ;)

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