MilluNode // Fullscreen Remote Control


Is it normal that I am not able to have my MilluNode monitors in full screen via the Remote Control mode? All I got is some tiny windows...

Thank You!


  • Hi,

    In remote mode, fullscreen is controlled by Millumin. Try to press CMD+F on Millumin side, it should put your MillNode window in fullscreen.

    I hope it will solve your problem.


  • Hi,

    The fullscreen mode is active but the window stay "windowed"...

    My setup actually is :

    Control : Macbook Pro M1 14" 2021

    Remote Control : Mac Mini M1 2020

    I tried with a different Macbook Pro for the control. With an Intel-Based Macbook Pro (15" 2017) the remote goes Fullscreen... The M1 chip is the problem?

  • Hello dubreski,

    Indeed fullscreen doesn’t work in remote mode, when controlled by a Millumin running on a M1 machine.

    We will work on this issue. Thanks for the report.


  • edited March 2

    Hello @dubreski

    We worked on this fullscreen issue and it should be fixed in next MilluNode version.

    Best. Elise

  • Hello @dubreski

    A new version of MilluNode has been released with a fix for your fullscreen issue.

    Best. Elise

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