millunode raspberry

Bonjour, pensez-vous faire une version de millunode qui fonctionnerait sur un Raspberry Pi 3 ou 4 

merci de votre réponse.


  • Hello @mathieu,

    No, we did not plan to work on a Raspberry version of MilluNode. We studied this, but we were not satisfied by the result at 1080p60 (even when using hardware acceleration).

    For now, we are focused on Windows and macOS platform, that offers more possibilities for live video.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I am replying in English, so other people can follow the conversation. If you want to ask a question in French, please rather contact us via email.

  • Thank you for your quick response, could you give me the minimum system requirements for this to work properly. Thank you

  • Hello @mathieu,

    Any Macintosh running macOS 10.14 or PC running Windows 10, especially a mini PC such as an Intel® NUC. Of course, a desktop or laptop computer can be used as well.

    More info on MilluNode page here.

    Best. Philippe

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