NDI Output @50 Hz (not 60 Hz)

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I've recently buyed a MacBook Pro with M1 Max CPU and want to output NDI with 50 Hz.

So I've set up my display resolution to 50 Hz, startet a new project (4.12.e) and just outputted one canvas to NDI without Alpha. When I'm displaying the FPS in the workspace it tells me 50Hz. So far, so good.

When I'm having a look at my NDI Stream via NDI Monitor App from NewTek it always tells me, that it receives 60 Hz. No matter which resolution I'm using.

I tried to change the refresh rate of my display to Pro Motion or any other value and it always tells me the correct refresh rate in Millumins workspace - but the NDI Monitor always receives 60 Hz.

Any ideas? Is it possible to output 50 Hz at all?

Kind regards


  • Hello @Ideenplantage,

    This is just metadata, Millumin will still send NDI frame at 50hz (this matches the framerate displayed by Millumin, see "Display FPS" in Output menubar).

    Indeed, this metadata is static and set to 60 for any stream. You can disregard it.

    Best. Philippe

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