Control Millumin from Atem

Hello, 👋

I already successfully controlled the Atem from Millumin but now i want to control Millumin from commands like Macros from the Atem.

For example if i launch a macro in the Atem can i launch column in Millumin ?

Is that possible ?

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  • Hello @Tim,

    Sorry, this is not possible.

    Also, I don't think the ATEM is supposed to control another software : this is rather the contrary. But it seems to be feasible with the ATEM SDK (the library provided by Blackmagic). Feel free to create an idea on Uservoice so we could keep track of this request, and see if other users are interested.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I'll check witht the Atem SDK if we can create something there but otherwise controlling the Atem from Millumin will also do the work well thanks!

    I'll create an idea Uservoice good idea !

    Best regards, Tim

  • Interestingly the developers of Mitti implemented a ‘virtual hyperdeck’ feature where the Atem sees mitti as a Hyperdeck and thus lets you have basic playback controls - this could would be great being developed into Millumin. Next file/track command on the Atem could be next column in Millumin.

  • Hi!

    Yes, it' a nice little thing but helps a lot to start videos.

    It could be a nice to have this feature in Millumin!


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